Mixed Media Machine Learning 4-Channel

Created together with Leander Kurscheidt »Walking around the sun«, curated by Eduarda Neves

The specific usage of german language in the area of public institutions such as job centers or insurance companies is a widespread rhetoric. This rhetoric, in german scientifically known under the term „Verwaltungssprache” (language of officialdom), is commonly used for letters. Practically, it is the method and tool for institutions to organize and communicate issues and problems with their clients. In order to organize a society it is necessary to convince people to participate in an organized public institutional system. After all, it is therefore not a matter of free will in this case and most people experience the contact with institutions on a regular basis. Thus the institutional communication transforms into a constant background noise and accompanies many people throughout their whole life. The preference for the passive voice hides the actual person in charge of the decisions and requirements. It is often experienced as a cryptic code becoming an ongoing distraction of the everyday life. The need to file away these communications is an expected duty. So almost everybody in their offices is surrounded by a collection of these documents from various institutions.